LVI Thermosoft is Now Thermosoft Australia

We have some exciting news to share with you today - our brand name is changing from LVI Thermosoft to Thermosoft Australia. But don't worry, this rebranding won't affect the quality and service you've come to expect from us.

As you may know, since 1999, we've been importing and supplying high-quality radiators in Australia under the LVI brand. LVI, which stands for Lidköpings Värmeindustri, was founded in Lidköping, Sweden, way back in 1922. The company expanded to include the manufacture of oil-filled electric radiators in 1970, which is when the first Yali products were introduced. Yali's timeless style and the use of the most durable materials set the industry standard in quality, design, and performance.

In 2000, LVI was acquired by Purmo Group, one of the largest manufacturers of hydronic and electric radiators and towel rails in Europe. Founded by Gunnar Skog, Ivar Långnabba, and Ingvar Granroth in the tiny village of Purmo, Finland, in 1953, Purmo Group has grown into a global company with over 3,300 professionals operating in 26 countries. With its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, the group manufactures, sells, and distributes quality products to customers worldwide.

Why are we no longer LVI Thermosoft?

About a decade ago, the production of our Yali and Parada radiators was moved to Purmo's Newcastle, UK factory. As part of a recent move to unify its various heating brands, Purmo Group introduced the new Yali and Parada Plus range, which now bears the Purmo Group house logo as the LVI brand is phased out.

We've noticed that our customers often remember the "Thermosoft" part of our name but easily forget the "LVI" acronym. So, we've decided to take this opportunity to rebrand as "Thermosoft Australia." Rest assured, nothing else has changed. Our radiators are still made in the same UK factory, and our towel rails continue to be manufactured by Purmo subsidiary FINIMETAL in Arras, France. We remain the same friendly people providing the same great service and high-quality products, and we're proud to be Purmo Group's only official Australian supplier of electric heating products.

You might still see our old branding floating around for a little while, as it's a big job to change everything over. But we're excited to embark on this new journey as Thermosoft Australia and continue to bring you the best in electric heating products and services.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to serving you as Thermosoft Australia!

Warm regards,

The Thermosoft Australia Team