Wall Mounted Heating

Wall Mounted Heating

Explore our wall mounted electric heaters at Thermosoft Australia. Our unobtrusive and easy to install panel heaters offer the radiant comfort of a hydronic system, but without the bulky boilers and cumbersome pipes. Find out how these sleek panel heaters offer a quiet and space-saving heating solution while keeping you comfortably warm.

Yali Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Yali Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator


Yali Plus, the evolution of our iconic electric radiator, blends elegance, intelligent features, and unparalleled bui...
From $830.00
Parada Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Parada Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator


Parada Plus, the refined evolution of our sleek electric radiator. With its flat steel front, the Parada Plus retains...
From $875.50

Why choose our wall mounted heaters?

Manufactured in the UK, Purmo electric radiators from Thermosoft are built to warm homes during freezing European winters.

As one of the only true electric radiators on the Australian market, Purmo panel heaters create the luxury of radiant central heating at approximately half the cost of hydronic systems.

Luxurious radiant heaters directly warm objects, not just the air, ensuring comfort and low energy use.

Energy efficient to keep you comfortably warm without excessive power consumption.

Contemporary design. Our sleek design is crafted to complement the aesthetics of your space, adding a cool, modern flair.

Easy installation. Wall mounting our panel heater is a breeze, taking less than 30 minutes for a skilled electrician or handyperson to complete.

No hydronic hassle. Enjoy the benefits of radiant heat without the complexities of a gas or electric hydronic heating system, including the expense of boilers.

Silent operation. Experience completely silent heaters with no disruptive noises or fan—just a quiet and cosy atmosphere.

Maintenance-free heating. Purmo heaters are entirely maintenance-free, unlike gas or electric hydronic systems.

Precise thermostat control. Adjustable thermostat helps keep room temperature within 0.1 degrees for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Perfect for moisture-prone areas. With an IP44 splash rating, our heaters are ideal for bathrooms and drying cupboards.

Family-safe design and child safety modes limit surface temperature while providing radiant heat.

Energy saving features such as open window detection and electronic controls for convenient and cost-effective heating.

Slim and compact design. Simplify your setup—no need for castor wheels, feet or a stand, eliminating tripping hazards for safe indoor use.

Healthier indoor environment. Enclosed elements prevent burning of dust or allergens for better air quality.

Reliable construction. Premium cold-rolled steel construction backed by extensive warranties ensures durability.

Elegant European styling. Choose from classic appeal or sleek minimalist design with our stylish Yali Plus and Parada Plus panel heaters.

Tailored sizes. Find the perfect panel heater size for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Space saving. Wall mounting saves valuable floor space, making it suitable for rooms of all sizes.

Explore our range

Browse our range of radiant panel heaters, each designed to offer a unique blend of style, luxury, and functionality. Wall mounting our heaters is simple to do, providing efficient, quiet and cost saving operation for years to come.

Understanding wall mounted electric heating

There is a flexible range of options when it comes to wall mounted electric heaters, making it important to find the most efficient heater for your needs. Decide whether you prefer radiant heating, convection heating or a combination of both. Radiant heaters provide more instant heat by warming objects directly, while convection heaters circulate air to heat the space. And look for heaters with no fan or low noise levels for added peace and quiet.

The following heaters can be mounted to a wall, with some more efficient and convenient than others.

Radiant panel heaters

  • Directly heats objects and people in line of sight, instead of warming the air.
  • Offer a more direct and immediate feeling of warmth, just like hydronic heating.
  • Energy efficient because they don't waste energy heating the entire air volume.
  • Silent operation as they don't rely on fans, making them perfectly quiet for the bedroom.
  • A Thermosoft panel heater comes with adjustable thermostat for best climate control.
  • Sleek design blends well with any decor.

Convection heaters

  • Operate by warming the air in a room. Brands include Nobo panel heaters and Omega Altise.
  • As the air near the heater gets warm, it rises, creating a natural convection current. Cooler air is drawn in, creating a continuous cycle of air circulation and heating.
  • Can take some time to raise the overall room temperature as they rely on the circulation of air. The warming effect is gradual.
  • Need well-insulated spaces where the heated air is retained. Warm air rises to the ceiling, so heater efficiency might drop if there are draughts or poor insulation.

Hydronic heater panels

  • Can be an underfloor system or radiator panels attached to the wall, or both.
  • Uses a liquid (usually water or oil), which is circulated through hot water pipes or tubing to distribute heat.
  • Installing a hydronic system can be complex especially when retrofitting.
  • The upfront cost of installing a hydronic system, including the boiler, pipes, and radiators or underfloor components, can be high.
  • Hydronic systems need regular maintenance, including checking for leaks and ensuring the boiler is working properly.

Electric fireplaces

  • Even a fireplace, albeit electric, can be wall mounted.
  • Electric fireplaces prioritise visual appeal and ambiance, rather than heating efficiency.
  • Electric fireplace features include adjustable thermostat and realistic flame effects created by LED lights.
  • Often designed as a supplementary heating source rather than for primary heat. They quickly provide warmth to a small part of a room.
  • Creates a cosy atmosphere with flame effects.

Electric towel warmers

  • Towel rails mount to the wall and can use radiant or other heating methods.
  • In a radiant system only the object placed on the rail is heated.
  • Similar in principle to other radiant heating systems that warm objects or surfaces.
  • Thermosoft’s range of towel rails include adjustable thermostat control, timer functions, and different colours and finishes to choose from.

Are wall mounted heaters expensive to run?

The cost to run a wall mounted heater depends on the type of heater installed and its energy efficiency. Electric wall mounted heaters such as radiant panel heaters can be cost-effective due to their focused heating, quick warm-up times and energy-efficient features.

Radiant panel heaters directly warm people or objects rather than the entire air volume, reducing heat loss and ensuring targeted, efficient heating. Their ability to provide instant heat can help save money on energy bills while keeping the room warm.

Electric resistance heaters, like our Purmo Plus Radiators, are 100 per cent efficient at converting electricity to heat, meaning that a 1000W heater running at full power for one hour will use 1kWh (kilowatt hour) of electricity.

Factors such as temperature control, insulation levels and how long you keep the heater running make a big difference to running costs.

How does the thermostat help cut running costs?

The quality of the thermostat can be a big deal for energy consumption in an electric heater.

A quality thermostat can fine tune the duty cycle, which is how often your electric heater kicks into action. It affects how much your system spends actively warming things up, or pausing to maintain the perfect climate.

If the thermostat is inaccurate, it can cause the heater to run longer than it should or to shut off too early. This wastes energy and causes higher energy bills.

Thermostats vary widely in accuracy and precision, affecting how much energy a heater uses. Heaters with advanced digital thermostats, like the Purmo Plus Series, can hold room temperatures within a mere 0.1 degrees of the set temperature. This means the heater will only use the energy needed to hold the room at that setting.

Cheaper, bimetal thermostats can allow the temperature to swing by 4 to 5 degrees, which causes people to set the thermostat higher to avoid feeling uncomfortable, ultimately driving up running costs. Some resistive heaters don’t have a thermostat at all, which is even worse for energy usage. That’s why precision is everything when it comes to thermostats.

When you’re looking at high-end panel heaters ask about any additional features such as adjustable thermostats and programmable settings. They’ll help you save energy while staying comfortably warm.

How can I ensure energy efficiency with a wall mounted electric heater?

Opt for heaters with energy-efficient features such as adjustable thermostats, timers, and the ability to focus heat where it's needed.

These features mean you can run the heater in a way that avoids unnecessary energy consumption.

Heater type matters. Thermosoft's panel heaters produce a mix of radiant and convection heat, with radiant heat beaming warmth directly onto people and objects with its heat waves. Heaters that run entirely with convection heat warm up the air volume instead, which travels straight up and is easily lost to draughts.

Thermostat quality can make a difference to energy use can vary widely in accuracy and precision. Always seek out advanced digital thermostats like the ones installed on our Purmo Plus radiators.

Smart technology can help control heater use and save money on bills. Our heaters come with a built-in programmable timer function that can be set with controls on the display. For easier timer control, our radiators and towel rails can be connected to our Touch E3 Wi-Fi controller. It will allow you to control all the units from a central panel, set-up zones and monitor your energy usage.

If you want, you can then connect the Touch E3 to your home WiFi, which will allow you to remote control your entire heating system via smartphone or PC.

Extra features, such as open window function, can help save accidental misfires on energy bills.

By default, our Purmo Plus radiators have an open window function enabled. If they detect a large drop in temperature, or difficulty maintaining consistent heat, they will assume a window (or door to a much colder room) has been left open and will switch off automatically.

This can be disabled in rooms where it may cause an issue (for example, if the door is often left open and the rest of the home is cold), but be aware this can increase energy usage.

Proper heater placement is also essential for energy efficiency and to keep you comfortably warm.

Make sure the heater is mounted where it can distribute heat across the room. Avoid placing a large couch in front of the heater, as it will force the heater to work harder to keep the right temperature. Smaller pieces like a side table, chairs or bar stools are fine to have closer.

Check insulation in your wall, floor and ceiling before installing a new heater. Insulation acts as a barrier, preventing the escape of heat from the room and allowing for more efficient and comfortable heating.

Are radiant wall mounted heaters effective at keeping the room warm?

Radiant panel heaters can be installed as the main heater in a room due to the way they provide targeted warmth.

Thermosoft's Purmo panels produce a mix of radiant and convection heat. You get the efficiency and comfort of radiant heat, along with the ability to spread warmth into all the corners of a space.

If you've ever experienced proper hydronic heating, you'll know how gentle and cosy the warmth is. That's the effect of the radiant heat being produced. Thermosoft's panels produce the same kind of heat as hydronic systems.

The room stays to within 0.25 of a degree of what you set it to, and the heat is spread more evenly. The thermal mass of the heaters (a midsize Yali unit weighs well over 20kg) ensures the distribution of heat is very even.

Insulation enhances the effectiveness of radiant panel heaters by minimising heat loss.

Insulation in walls, ceilings, and floors acts as a barrier, preventing the escape of heat from rooms and keeping a cosy atmosphere. Without proper insulation, heat can escape through walls and other surfaces, leading to temperature swings and the need for the radiant panel heater to work harder to compensate.

Can I install a wall mounted heater myself?

Installation of a Purmo radiator heater is extremely simple.

Two brackets are screwed to your wall and the panel simply clips on. It typically takes around 20 minutes per panel.

Provided there's a power point nearby, this makes DIY heater installation a breeze!

If you want the clean appearance and convenience of a hardwired installation, you'll need to arrange an electrician to wire up the panel heater and included wall boxes directly before installing the panels.

It's also a good idea to engage an electrician if you have an older switchboard. This ensures you won't overload any of your circuits by the amperage draw of the panels.

For Victorian customers, we can offer our installation service directly. This includes mounting of the brackets and panels, but it does not include hardwiring or anything that requires a licensed electrician.

For interstate customers, we're happy to assist your electrician to make sure the panels are installed directly.

You can watch our detailed heater installation video below:


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