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Electric Panel Heaters

Electric panel heaters from Purmo fill your home with true radiant heat that warms the bones, without the burnt dust smell and noise of convection-only panel heaters.

Yali Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Yali Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator


Yali Plus, the evolution of our iconic electric radiator, blends elegance, intelligent features, and unparalleled bui...
From $830.00
Parada Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Parada Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator


Parada Plus, the refined evolution of our sleek electric radiator. With its flat steel front, the Parada Plus retains...
From $875.50

What makes Purmo Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heating Unique?

Manufactured in the UK, Purmo's radiant electric panel heaters from Thermosoft are built to heat homes during freezing European winters.

As one of the only true electric radiators on the Australian market, Purmo electric panel heaters provide the luxury of radiant central heating at approximately half the cost of hydronic systems.

  • Luxurious radiant heat warms objects directly, instead of just warming the air.

  • Easy installation takes less than 30 minutes to mount each panel by an electrician or handyman.

  • Completely silent operation no ticking, popping or crackling noises.

  • No ongoing maintenance. Unlike hydronic systems, Purmo radiators are entirely maintenance free.

  • Highly accurate thermostat keeps room temperature to within 0.1 degrees of set temperature, increasing comfort and lowering on running cost.

  • Open window detection

  • Great for bathrooms and drying cupboards thanks to the IP44 splash rating.

  • Family friendly. Child safety modes to limit surface temperature.

  • Energy saving features like open window detection and a built-in timer impro

  • Oil-filled and electric no need to run pipes throughout your house to a central boiler.

  • Healthier indoor environment. Fully enclosed element doesn't burn dust or allergens like cheaper convection panel heaters.

  • Premium cold-rolled steel construction backed by a 10 year panel warranty and 2 years on electrics.

  • Stylish designs choose from the classic European appeal of our Yali Plus models or the sleek, minimalist design of Parada Plus.

  • Wide range of sizes. A number of sizes available to suit all your rooms, from living rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms.

Understanding Electric Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are versatile heating solutions that come in various types, each with its own set of features and benefits.

Most panel heater appliances on the Australian market are convection-only panel heaters. They only heat the air, and produce minimal radiant heat. This includes electric heater brands like Rinnai, Omega Altise, Stiebel-Eltron, DeLonghi and Nobo panel heaters.

Whereas our oil-filled electric heaters from Purmo are true radiators, they produce a balance of radiant and convection heat, ideal for keeping your family warm and comfortable.

This section will delve into the primary differences between wall-mounted electric radiators and convection electric panel heaters, highlighting their impact on your heating experience.

Wall Mounted Radiators vs Convection Electric Panel Heaters

A wall mounted electric radiator, like our Yali Plus and Parada Plus models:

  • Emits a balance of radiant heat and convection heat, providing unparalled, even comfort and heat throughout the room.

  • Has a fully enclosed element, meaning it never burns dust or allergens.

  • Is great for use in drying cupboards and bathrooms, thanks to the IP44 splash rating.

  • Is heavier and built to last, and as such costs more upfront.

  • May be more expensive initially but are usually cheaper to operate in the long run because of the accurate thermostat, energy saving features and the effect of radiant heat on human comfort.

On the other hand, a convection electric panel heater:

  • Only heats the air via convection, and produces minimal radiant heat.

  • Has an exposed element, that can burn dust and allergens and sometimes pose a fire risk.

  • Is usually not suitable for use in drying cupboards of bathrooms.

  • Is light, slim and cheap to buy. The construction is usually lightweight and sometimes flimsy.

  • They are often designed to be portable and can come with castor feet.

  • May cost more to operate, depending on factors such as ceiling height and thermostat accuracy.

How efficient is an electric panel heater?

All resistive electric heating is essentially 100% electrically efficient. However, this doesn't meant the real-world running costs are all the same. In fact, some panel heaters can be considerably more efficient and economical to operate.

  • A panel heater that produces radiant heat can be more economical to run than a convection panel heater, because radiant heat doesn't rise straight to the ceiling.

  • The accuracy of the thermostat can help save on running cost, because it stops the electric heater from overheating the room and wasting electricity.

  • A panel heater of any kind is usually more efficient than a fan heater, because a fan needs extra energy to run.

How do radiant panel heaters save energy?

Radiant panel heaters, like the Purmo electric panel heaters from Thermosoft, are efficient for many reasons.

  • Unlike convection heaters that rely on the circulation of warm air, radiant panel heaters work by emitting infrared radiation, which directly heats people, objects and surfaces within the room. This method is more efficient than convection heating, where air is heated first and then circulated.

  • Householders can focus the heat precisely where it is needed, optimising energy use and reducing overall energy consumption.

  • Our Purmo radiant panel heaters are made from solid steel that can absorb and retain heat effectively. This ensures that once the heater is turned off, the panels continue to release heat for extra warmth and low cost heating.

  • Customisable controls, such as thermostats and programmable timers, can make radiant panel heaters even more efficient. Householders can control the temperature how they like it and save money.

How do radiant panel heaters work?

Radiant panel heaters work by passing an electric current through a resistive element, like a coil or wire, which generates heat. In an oil heater this coil sits in thermally conductive oil. It’s a simple heating type that keeps things warm and snug. Be careful though, some systems with low thermal mass or not-so-great thermostats can spike energy use.

The panel then emits infrared heat waves, which directly warm up surfaces and objects in the room, providing comfortable and energy-efficient heating. However its important to know that some systems with low thermal mass or poor quality thermostats may lead to increased energy use.

How does convection and radiant heat compare for warmth and efficiency in rooms with high ceilings?

The type of heat produced by a heater impacts your comfort and warmth in the home.

  • In spaces with high ceilings, convection-only electric panel heaters can be ineffective as the warm air generated tends to rise rapidly and accumulate near the ceiling.

  • This means cooler temperatures where you need the most heat, meaning you need to increase the thermostat to get a sense of comfort. The inefficient distribution of heat throughout the room contributes to higher running costs.

  • Radiant heat targets objects and individuals directly, irrespective of ceiling height. This method is more effective in spaces with high ceilings as it prevents heat rising to the ceiling straightaway.

  • Radiant heating is more consistent and comfortable, requiring less overall heat energy in the room. This efficiency can contribute to lower running costs compared to convection-only heaters.

The level of insulation in walls, floors and ceiling will make a big difference to energy efficiency and comfort, reducing heat loss and keeping you warm.

How does thermostat quality affect the energy use of electric panel heaters?

Many Thermosoft customers report their running costs are lower, because they're able to set the thermostat lower and still be comfortable due to the radiant heat.

  • Our radiant panel heaters feature high quality precision thermostats that can hold the room to within 0.25 degrees of the temperature you set, provided you have the right size panel for the room.

  • Many other forms of heating allow the temperature of the room to swing by two to three degrees in either direction of what you set, including split systems that can make you feel too hot one moment and too cold the next.

  • With Thermosoft panel heaters, it's set and forget and a lot less wasted energy. If sunlight starts pouring through a window and heating the room up, the panels will automatically cycle down because not as much energy is needed to keep the room warm.

How comfortable are radiant electric panel heaters?

Comfort is a big consideration when selecting a heating system to keep you warm this winter.

  • Wall mounted Purmo panels, which produce radiant heat similar to hydronic systems, offer a gentle and cosy warmth.

  • The radiant heat from Thermosoft's Purmo electric radiator panels creates a consistent and even temperature distribution in the room.

  • The thermal mass of these heaters, shown by a midsize Yali unit weighing over 20kg, helps keep a stable room temperature, within 0.25 degrees of the set level thanks to the precision thermostat. Householders often forget the heating is even on until they step outside the room.

How does the comfort compare to convection panel heaters?

Unlike convection panel heaters such as Nobo, which do not produce radiant heat, Thermosoft's panel heaters generate heat that is more comparable to the gentle warmth experienced with hydronic systems.

  • Convection heaters, with an exposed element in the air, may burn dust and cause allergy issues.

  • The on/off cycling of convection heaters can result in larger temperature swings within the room.

  • In contrast, the consistent and even heat distribution of Thermosoft's Purmo electric radiator panels contributes to a more comfortable and stable indoor environment.

Why are Purmo radiant panel heaters recommended for people with asthma?

Purmo radiant panel heaters are a popular choice for asthma sufferers.

  • Convection panels move a significant amount of air around the room. Thermosoft's Purmo electric radiator panels, on the other hand, operate with less air movement, reducing the circulation of dust and allergens in the room.

  • Convection heaters, with their exposed heating elements, can burn dust particles and trigger asthma symptoms.

  • Thermosoft's Purmo radiant panel heaters, being radiant in nature, don't have exposed elements that burn dust, resulting in more odour-free and asthma-friendly heating.

  • The electric element in our heaters is fully enclosed in vegetable oil and can never burn dust in the air.

  • They provide a more stationary heat, minimising the circulation of air particles and contributing to a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

How does thermal mass impact the efficiency and comfort of heaters?

Thermal mass is what makes some panel heaters so great at spreading warmth so easily.

  • Thermal mass refers to the ability of a material to store and retain heat.

  • In heaters, having substantial thermal mass can improve efficiency by storing more heat energy, allowing for a more gradual and consistent heat output. This helps maintain a desired temperature without frequent cycling on and off, contributing to overall energy efficiency.

  • Radiant electric panel heaters, like those in the Purmo Plus Series, stay warm even when the thermostat temperature is reached due to the thermal mass in the panel.

  • Thermal mass is often indicated by the panel’s heavier weight – the Parada Plus Electric Radiator, for instance, weighs a hefty 43.82kg for the 2000W unit.

  • In terms of comfort, heaters with thermal mass release their warmth gradually. This gradual release of stored heat provides a comfortable and gentle warming effect, avoiding the sudden blasts of hot air associated with heaters lacking thermal mass.

Where can radiant panel heaters be used?

The eco-friendly features of Thermosoft's Purmo radiant panel heaters help you heat any room without spending more than you need on energy.

  • These features, including precision thermostats and programmable timers, sit within a minimalist design that fits into any room and décor.

  • The wall mounted panel heaters can be used almost anywhere, including in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, caravan, office, shop floor and more.

  • Installation is simple. Two brackets are screwed to your wall, and the panel simply clips on. Installation typically takes around 20 minutes per panel. The panels can also be hardwired by an electrician.

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