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The Best Bathroom Heaters

Choosing the right heating for bathrooms can be tricky. The Purmo Plus Series electric radiators from Thermosoft Australia offer a blend of safety, efficiency, and style that makes them a smart choice for any bathroom update.

Yali Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Yali Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator


Yali Plus, the evolution of our iconic electric radiator, blends elegance, intelligent features, and unparalleled bui...
From $830.00
Parada Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator

Parada Plus Oil-Filled Electric Radiator


Parada Plus, the refined evolution of our sleek electric radiator. With its flat steel front, the Parada Plus retains...
From $875.50
Tahiti Surf Electric Towel Rail Traffic White

Tahiti Surf Electric Towel Rail


A simple, stylish heated towel rail with a subtle, curved design, the Finimetal Tahiti Surf is available in a range o...
From $820.00

When revamping your bathroom, don't forget the importance of a reliable heater. It's not just another item on your list—it's crucial for creating a cosy and inviting space. Our wall-mounted heaters are a modern and sleek solution for your bathroom heating. Whether you have a large bathroom or small bathroom, they fit seamlessly, saving valuable space while providing consistent warmth.

Why choose our bathroom heaters

Made in the UK, Purmo electric radiators from Thermosoft are designed to handle even the coldest European winters. Their fully enclosed element makes them safe in wet and cold environments. Plus, their stylish, robust design makes them a perfect fit for any bathroom.

Perfect for moisture-prone areas. With an IP44 splash rating, our heaters handle wet environments better than many competitors.

Healthier indoor environment. Enclosed elements prevent burning of dust and allergens for better air quality.

Radiant heat for superior comfort. Electric radiators directly warm objects, not just the air, ensuring low energy costs.

Maintenance-free. Purmo electric radiators are maintenance-free, unlike an exhaust fan.

Smart design and size. Our heaters come in a range of sizes that fit nicely in bathrooms small and large. Our H300 x L800 models are the same width as standard towel rail, so they can be placed directly underneath for all-in-one bathroom heating and towel drying.

Precise thermostat control. Maintain precise room temperature for optimal comfort and energy efficiency during winter.

Reliable construction. Premium cold-rolled steel construction backed by extensive warranties ensures durability.

Family-safe design. Child safety modes limit surface temperature while providing radiant heat.

Easy electric installation. Takes less than 30 minutes for a skilled electrician or handyperson to install each panel.

Silent operation. Completely silent electric heaters with no disruptive fan noises—just pure warmth.

Energy-saving features. Open window detection feature and built-in timers for cost-effective heating.

Elegant European styling. Choose from classic appeal or minimalist design with our Yali Plus and Parada Plus electric radiators.

Explore our modern bathroom heaters

Say goodbye to chilly winters and hello to cosy bathroom spaces with our Purmo-brand electric radiators. With easy installation and intuitive controls, they offer functionality and convenience. Upgrade your bathroom today by adding one of our heaters to your cart or wish list and enjoy the comfort all winter long.

Choosing the right bathroom heater

When it comes to the perfect bathroom heater, you'll want one that is slimline, safe around water and easy to install. Here's what you need to know to make the best choice to stay warm.

What type of bathroom heater is best for my space?

Options to explore include electric radiators, exhaust fan heaters and even a bathroom ceiling heater with infrared panels. Which one suits your bathroom layout and heating needs?

For reliability and comfort, our Purmo electric radiators are an excellent choice. They offer the same comfortable radiant heat as hydronic heaters but are much simpler to install. With their small size and easy installation, they fit seamlessly into any bathroom, providing consistent warmth without taking valuable floor space.

What safety features should I look for in a bathroom heater?

A fully enclosed element is a must to prevent fire risk. Look for heaters with safety features like overheat protection and automatic shut-off to prevent fire hazards.

Plus Series radiators feature an overtemperature cutout that kicks in if the radiator is covered and excessive heat builds up.

A splash rating is also essential, read on to find out why.

Are bathroom heaters safe to use in wet environments?

Bathroom heaters should be safe around water, especially in humid bathroom conditions.

Plus Series radiators have a high splash rating (IP44), making them suitable for rooms where they might get wet.

IP stands for Ingress Protection. The rating indicates the dust and water resistance of the appliance.

A rating of IP44 means that water splashed against the radiator will have no harmful effect on the appliance. Rest easy knowing that our range is built to withstand water without any worries.

A cheaper convection heater will have an exposed element, making it unsuitable for bathrooms. The fully enclosed electric element on the Plus Series Radiators is protected from water for peace of mind.

How do I choose the right size heater for my bathroom?

Work out the size of your bathroom in square metres to find out the heating capacity you need. For smaller bathrooms, a compact heater will do the job, while larger bathrooms may require more powerful models.

Our electric radiators come in sizes to suit small and large bathrooms.

For those seeking a sleek and space-saving heater for small bathrooms, our slimmer, single-panel models are the perfect choice. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom while maximising space.

Size Options: Both the 500W and 750W heaters are available in a handy L300mm x H800mm size that fits perfectly under standard towel rails. It's a clever alternative to a heated towel rail, adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom decor.

Parada Plus and Yali Plus are both available in these sizes.

Recommended Heaters: For tiny bathrooms or toilets we recommend our 250W / H300 x L400 heaters, which offer warmth without overpowering the space. Available in Yali Plus and Paradaq Plus.

For Larger Spaces: For larger bathrooms consider our 500W to 750W models, which can keep the entire area warm and comfortable.

Added functionality: Our Tahiti Surf towel rail heats your whole bathroom, not just your towels. This stylish and modern unit is made from high-quality steel.

Which bathroom heaters are energy-efficient?

Some modern bathroom heaters like the Plus Series radiators are cost-effective to run. Radiant heating and programmable thermostats help optimise energy use and cut heating costs.

Unlike convection heating, which warms the air in the entire room, radiant heat directly warms the objects and people in its path. By heating the person it reduces energy used to heat the whole room.

Plus Series electric radiators come with programmable thermostats. This feature means the heater is used only when needed, reducing energy waste when you're not around. The precise thermostat control maintains precise room temperature for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Electric radiators are just the thing for small spaces like bathrooms. They're the perfect solution for those quick warm-ups you need.

Can bathroom heaters also function as exhaust fans?

While it might seem convenient to have a bathroom heater with an integrated exhaust fan for ventilation, there are some drawbacks. Having both functions in one unit can make installation more complicated and costly. You might need additional wiring or ductwork, which could mean more time and money spent on installation.

Another thing to think about is maintenance. With a combined unit, if one part breaks down, you might have to replace the entire thing.

Ceiling bathroom fans can also get pretty dusty and dirty over time. If you have an electric radiator, you can easily clean it without worrying about damaging the fan component.

Standalone electric radiators offer more flexibility in terms of placement. You can mount them wherever you need them most without worrying about positioning them near an existing exhaust vent.

And lastly, standalone heaters are often more cost-effective since they're designed solely for heating. With a combined unit, you might be running the exhaust fan even when you don't need it, wasting energy and driving up your bills.

What about bathroom heater installation?

Installation methods vary depending on the type of heater. Ceiling heaters, such as infrared panels, need to be wired into the walls or ceiling, and operate at a much higher surface temperature.

The Plus Series radiators are wall-mounted and easy to install.

Two brackets are screwed to your wall and the panel simply clips on. It typically takes around 20 minutes per panel. If there's a power point nearby, it simply plugs in.

For the clean appearance and convenience of a hardwired installation, you'll need an electrician to wire up the panel heater and included wall boxes directly before installing the panels. We can help find the right electrician suitable for the job.

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