We only list an ETA once stock has been shipped from Europe, but we do often experience delays due to port congestion and ship route changes, and this date may change.

We recommend placing a preorder for any incoming stock at your earliest opportunity. Some stock will sell out before the container arrives.

Where can we ship your order to?

We offer three options when it comes to delivery of your order:

1. Door-to-door delivery

  • This option involves us shipping your order directly from our warehouse to your door via courier.
  • This is the most efficient method and simplest for the customer.
  • There is a higher cost for this option, due to the additional work by our courier.

2. Pickup from depot

  • This is where we ship your order to the depot closest to your location.
  • Note that this may not be a viable option, depending on where the nearest depot is, in relation to your location/house.
  • Being able to select this option relies on your ability to transport the order yourself in your own vehicle.
  • If you elect for this option, we take no responsibility for any damage or issues that may occur when you are transporting your order from the depot to your destination.

3. Customer pickup from our warehouse

  • Warehouse address is 1/3 Franklin Ct, Frankston, VIC 3199; available only Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5:00pm; please call at least a few hours in advance to ensure we’re available to assist you (1800 951 439)
  • This will only apply if you live nearby and also have the space/capability with your vehicle to transport the order yourself.
  • If you elect for this option, we take no responsibility for any damage or issues that may occur when you are transporting your order from our warehouse to your destination.

How is shipping calculated? What is the cost?

Shipping is calculated upon checkout of your order. This is determined by a number of factors, including:

  1. Your location (where you require your order to be sent to) - this also varies whether you select the nearest depot option or the door-to-door option.
  2. Number/weight/sizing of your order - this directly influences the cost, where a smaller order (ie. one unit) will typically cost less for shipping, compared to a larger order with multiple units.
  3. Other factors - this could include variables like logistics cost increases (due to short supply/availability), as well as promotions we run from time-to-time, and more.

What is your availability of stock?

Please check the specific products you’re interested in on our website, as this will provide you with an indication of current stock availability - https://thermosoftaustralia.com.au/products

Note that website stock availability is subject to change at any moment, and what the website shows, may not be 100% reflective of the availability in our warehouse. This is due to us receiving lots of orders at any moment in time, where the website might not immediately update to reflect this.

Where you would like to double check stock availability and/or if you would like our assistance with your quote or working out which products are best for you, please call us on 1800 951 439.

Note that we are experiencing on-going delays and unavailability of some stock, due to global supply chain and logistics delays. This is something that is affecting businesses worldwide currently. If anything is not currently in stock, we will likely display an estimated date of arrival into stock on our website (https://thermosoftaustralia.com.au/products); however if not then please contact us on 1800 951 439, as we regularly take pre-orders.