Every Purmo radiator is made using the best possible materials and designed and manufactured by people with hundreds of years of collective experience. 

Our radiators are tested extensively under gruelling conditions so you can rest assured knowing your Purmo radiators are both aesthetically beautiful and reliable

Manufacturer’s warranty

We’re confident you’ll never need our 10-year warranty on radiators nor our 2-year warranty on electrical parts, but we want to make sure you feel completely comfortable with your purchase and know our commitment to your satisfaction is genuine.

All Purmo radiators come with a:

  • 10 year warranty on the radiator

  • 2 year warranty on electrical parts

Issues that May Affect a Warranty

You should be aware that you may not be entitled to a warranty if: 

  1. you install the products other than in accordance with the installation instructions and manuals provided; or

  2. your usage of the products is abnormal or other than in accordance with the purpose for which they are intended.