Radiator Installation

Radiator Installation (Victoria Only)

Professional installation of your Yali or Parada radiators by one of our expert team members. Please note that our in...
Unisenza+ Smart Home Gateway

Unisenza+ Smart Home Gateway


Connect the Unisenza+ Smart Home gateway to your Wi-Fi and enjoy full central control of your Plus Series radiators v...
Wifi Controller Set-Up

Wifi Controller Set-Up (Victoria Only)

Professional set-up and walkthrough of how to use your Touch E3 or Unisenza+ wifi controller with one of our expert ...
Radiator Hardwiring Kit

Radiator Hardwiring Kit

Our Radiator Hardwiring Kit contains everything needed for hardwired installation of a Yali Plus or Parada Plus elect...
90 Degree Adaptor Straight On

90 Deg Display Adaptor

With the Yali 90° adapter, the control box can be rotated 90° on horizontal Yali radiators. This makes it possible to see the display or turn it so that it faces forward on Yali Digital or Parada. A useful range of accessories are available to support installation even if the control box is positioned near a wall.

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